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DSP PC-Tool icon Tweak the input and output channels for your Helix digital signal processor in the vehicle using this all-in-one configuration solution

In the eventuality that you invested in a quality Helix digital signal processor for your car, then chances are you want to make the most of it. DSP PC-Tool is the dedicated software solution for the notorious processors that enables you to configure the Audiotec-Fisher DSP products.

Packs numerous options for an outstanding audio car tuning

The application comes with an intuitive interface that is split into five sections, namely Main menu, DCM for specific settings, IO where you can configure the input and output, Time to show you all channels and RTA, which is used for frequency analysis in the car.

As you probably figured out from the menus, you can arrange all the input and output channels individually or mix them based on the system in your vehicle. Moreover, the app comes with an intelligent distance mode that helps you figure out the ideal audio signal based on your listening position.

It is worth mentioning that the program enables run-time correction are adjustable at very fine resolution levels, including at 96 kHz sampling rate in 0.01 ms. Additionally, the polarity is separately configurable for each signal receiver and you can easily adjust the detailed phase settings for high-frequency, midrange and the subwoofer channel.

Comes with a scalable GUI that fits all screens and resolutions

According to the manufacturer, the application is highly scalable so you should be able to configure your digital signal processor regardless of the type of car you install it in. In addition to adapting to all screen resolutions, font and screen sizes, the app also supports numerous languages, making it suitable for a broad audience.

All in all, DSP PC-Tool is the one software solution that enables you to take charge of the audio in your automobile and hence, be able to enjoy crystal clear sound whenever you are driving. The app is compatible with almost all Audiotec-Fisher products out there, whereas the configuration is straightforward and remains the same across the devices.

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DSP PC-Tool was reviewed by Alexandra Sava

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DSP PC-Tool 4.31 Beta

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