AVG Antivirus Free Changelog

What's new in AVG Antivirus Free 18.6.3063 Build 18.6.3956 Beta

August 3rd, 2018
  • What was fixed:
  • Fixed occasional DNS resolve time-outs
  • Fixed issues with loading of sites using EV certificate
  • DND mode - "new app added" toaster does not appear in some cases
  • Fixed reading available licenses for MyAVG section
  • Fixed sending client parameters after service restart
  • Fixed waiting for internet connection instead of just network before doing license operations

New in AVG Antivirus Free 18.6.3062 Build 18.6.3952 Beta (July 26th, 2018)

  • New Features:
  • DND mode - app detection based on internal DB is active after app goes to fullscreen
  • Improved compatibility between Do not Disturb mode and the MS Windows Notification Center (MS Windows 10)
  • What was fixed:
  • DND mode - working correctly in Firefox
  • DND mode - detection based fixes and minor improvements
  • Fixed service start delay when no internet connection is available
  • crashing of Antivirus service when updating existing license for Password Protection product
  • DND mode - fixed blocking from Windows Notification Center
  • crash of Antivirus service on Windows 10 RS5 and compatibility with its Edge browser
  • not displaying confirmation dialog related to disabling the Webcam shield and Sensitive Data Shield components
  • crashing reporting to Windows Security Center under some circumstances
  • Fixed HNS (WiFi Inspector) related BSOD
  • conflict when handling UDP packets (mainly by Fake Website Shield component) modified by 3rd party products

New in AVG Antivirus Free 18.6.3061 Build 18.6.3946 Beta (July 23rd, 2018)

  • What was fixed:
  • DND mode - application whitelist/blacklist heavily modified
  • DND mode - several optimalization for 3rd party app blocking
  • several issues in licensing component (client as well as backend side)
  • blocking standard websites by Web Shield component
  • sometimes blocking TLS 1.3 connections

New in AVG Antivirus Free 18.5.2342 (June 21st, 2018)

  • What's new:
  • Notification alerts! A blue dot now appears on our systray icon when you have a notification
  • Restore anywhere! Restore files from the Virus Chest to any location by clicking “Restore as”
  • Fixed:
  • Improved our installation and update processes
  • Clicking “Subscription information” in our systray menu now opens the correct screen
  • Firewall status is now properly reported in Windows Security Center
  • Disabled shields now appear correctly in our systray menu
  • Fixed a few activation code bugs

New in AVG Antivirus Free 18.5.3059 Beta (June 18th, 2018)

  • Fixed - reporting of disabled shields in tray
  • Fixed - crashes

New in AVG Antivirus Free 18.5.3058 Beta (June 11th, 2018)

  • What's new:
  • Added "restore as" option to virus chest
  • UI should not be started after update or restart until AV service is running (this should prevent the UI "service is not running" state)
  • New download mechanism for installation and update files
  • New EULA
  • What was fixed:
  • Fixed - Icon is not deleted after uninstall AVG business
  • Fixed - not running scheduled scans
  • Fixed turning on/off protection from tray icon
  • Fixed wrong reporting status of Firewall in UI
  • BSOD fixes, crash fixes
  • Fixed reporting of Firewall state to Windows Defender Security Center
  • Fixed - Hacker component inactive
  • Fixed - not running AV service after enabling passive mode
  • Fixed - Missing text in passive mode enabling/disabling dialogue

New in AVG Antivirus Free 18.4.3055 Beta (May 3rd, 2018)

  • What was fixed:
  • GDPR compliance: added new options in Privacy section in General Settings ( paid programs)
  • Sensitive Data Shield:
  • shield is now enabled even after program update
  • other minor changes and fixes

New in AVG Antivirus Free 18.4.3054 Beta (April 19th, 2018)

  • What's new:
  • New Sensitive Data Shield (aka SDS) component (AVG Internet Security)
  • it scans for documents (pdf,doc,txt) on your PC that contain sensitive information (agreements, work documents, flight tickets etc) and offers an extra protection of those
  • the documents are then protected against access by untrusted apps
  • Known issues:
  • component is installed but disabled after update to this beta. You can enable it manually through main UI (tile Privacy → open SDS component → Settings)
  • SDS is not visible in main settings (but settings are accessible as mentioned above)
  • What was fixed:
  • Web Shield: Connection aborted but detection dialog was not displayed in some cases
  • Antispam: Updated detection module

New in AVG Antivirus Free 18.4.3053 Beta (April 12th, 2018)

  • What was fixed:
  • Program update does not reset scheduled scan settings
  • Fixed few crashes related to Firewall drivers

New in AVG Antivirus Free 18.3.3049 Beta (March 22nd, 2018)

  • Fixed Bugs:
  • Problems with starting the Behavior Shield service
  • Problems with showing components based on subscription state (as mentioned above)
  • A few program crashes reported over the client

New in AVG Antivirus Free 18.3.3048 Beta (March 19th, 2018)

  • Fixed Bugs:
  • Some components turned on after restart automatically although turned off permanently by user
  • Network connection does not work after installation of missing FW component

New in AVG Antivirus Free 18.3.3047 Beta (March 8th, 2018)

  • Fixed Bugs:
  • Fixed restoring files from virus chest (files were not restored but were deleted)
  • Fixed a few program crashes

New in AVG Antivirus Free 18.1.3044 Beta (February 8th, 2018)

  • Bug fixes:
  • Fixed licensing in SMB clients.
  • Fixed Payment protection (Fake Website Shield component) , which was disabled after clean installation sometimes.

New in AVG Antivirus Free 18.1.3043 Beta (February 2nd, 2018)

  • Bug fixes:
  • Fixed product crashes

New in AVG Antivirus Free 18.1.3042 Beta (January 26th, 2018)

  • Changes:
  • New Anti-Exploit module for better protection against exploits, shellcode and other malicious PE files
  • Changes in minimal installation components (now Behavioral shield is included)
  • In case that DNS does not resolve our installation and update URLs correctly, the program will use Google DNS servers
  • NEW AVG Installers without ZEN:
  • common setup now used also for AVG product
  • only AVG Antivirus is installed now
  • Bug fixes:
  • Fixed bug when games were minimizing themselves every 30 minutes
  • Fixed problems with Outlook plugin
  • Fixed name of Avast window in task bar
  • Fixed Help screen (help was not displaying proper page on some places in UI - typically in settings)
  • Fixed Boot Time Scan
  • Fixed bug when in some cases AVG would try to update from wrong URL (where Avast update files are stored)
  • Fixed bug which caused that Last computer scan time was not displayed correctly
  • Fixed automatic login into zone after purchase in AVG

New in AVG Antivirus Free 18.1.3041 Beta (January 12th, 2018)

  • Changes:
  • It is possible to add more files into virus chest at once
  • Improved dump creation when our process crashes
  • Added support for fallback download server (using HTTPS) in setup in case standard servers don't work
  • Warning is displayed when logging off from windows during installation (so installation is finished properly)
  • Optimized scanning of downloaded executable files
  • Bug fixes:
  • Fixed scanning of files in Virus Chest
  • Fixed wrong text in Recycle Bin context menu

New in AVG Antivirus Free 17.9.2322 (January 3rd, 2018)

  • What's new:
  • Now you can send feedback and bug reports from Settings > About
  • Recycle Bin content can now be shredded via Windows contextual menu (Avast Premier only)
  • Redesigned Scan & Shields screens in the Protection menu for easier navigation
  • Redesigned Avast Passwords UI for easier use
  • More detailed status reporting to Windows Security Center in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
  • Nested virtualization support for AMD CPUs
  • Better proxy detection by setup and update from Windows settings
  • Fixed:
  • Fixed a problem with white UI (you might see more processes AvastUI.exe now, but that's OK)
  • Sensitive Data Shield now works with Windows XP and Vista
  • Anti-Phishing Protection in Web Shield now works with Windows XP
  • Clicking Scan Details in the Notification Center no longer starts another scan
  • Fixed Avast service crash when a license expires
  • Fixed performance scan in Performance > Cleanup Premium
  • Fixed issue where Behavior Shield sometimes cut off a user’s Internet connection
  • False positives can now be reported directly from threat detection warnings (File Shield)
  • Fixed boot issue on Windows XP when Virtual PC driver is installed
  • Fixed BSOD caused by conflict between DELL percsas3 and Avast Self-defense drivers

New in AVG Antivirus Free 17.9.3040 Beta (December 20th, 2017)

  • Changes / Fixed Bugs:
  • Fixed crash of AVG service during computer shutdown
  • Added localization for new features in 17.9

New in AVG Antivirus Free 17.9.3039 Beta (December 15th, 2017)

  • Changes / Fixed Bugs:
  • Minor changes and final tuning for 17.9 release

New in AVG Antivirus Free 17.9.3038 Beta (December 7th, 2017)

  • Changes / Fixed Bugs:
  • Click on Scan Details in Notification Center does not execute another scan anymore
  • Changes related "Send for analysis" from Virus Chest and detection dialogs
  • Fixed crash of AVG service when license expires
  • Fixed problems with Behavior shield, that cut off internet connection

New in AVG Antivirus Free 17.9.3037 Beta (November 24th, 2017)

  • NEW Features:
  • Feedback Form in Settings->About
  • Better proxy detection by setup and update from Windows settings
  • Nested virtualization support for AMD CPU
  • ZEN no longer available in AVG Antivirus
  • Changes / Fixed Bugs:
  • Antirootkit monitoring that is responsible for catching unknown malware
  • Fixed boot issue on Windows XP when Virtual PC driver is installed
  • Fixed BSOD caused by conflict between DELL percsas3 and avgSP drivers
  • Fixed BSOD caused by avgVmm when running AVG in Vmware Fusion on MAC
  • AVG signature added to email sent by Mail app
  • Antiphishing works on Windows XP
  • Changes in reporting of statuses between AVG and Windows Security Center
  • License delivery fixes (After purchase and login to zone, periodic checks, after service/pc restart)

New in AVG Antivirus Free 17.8.3036 Beta (November 8th, 2017)

  • Fixed Bugs:
  • Erasing malware detected and removed by Behavioral Shield from the chest when other malware was restored
  • Adding custom folder to be protected by the Antiransomware Shield

New in AVG Antivirus Free 17.8.3035 Beta (November 3rd, 2017)

  • New Features:
  • New Eula v1.5
  • New trial offer in free installation packages
  • Internal changes in setup/framework components related to ZEN removal
  • Fixed Bugs:
  • Firewall component status reporting
  • Real Site (Secure DNS) component crashing
  • Logging out of a zone (subscription) directly from AVG
  • Purchases directly from the AVG application
  • Issue related to in-product messaging causing the service to consume abnormal CPU resources
  • Restoring of malware from the virus Chest detected by Behavioral Shield when removal required computer restart
  • Accepting special characters (such as <, >, etc.) in displaying toasters (such as Firewall - new network detection)
  • Behavioral Shield does not display detection dialog when any of the automatic modes is enabled
  • Restore dialog in Chest is correctly in CEF now
  • User Interface crashing when Firewall button was used in displayed Firewall toaster
  • Scheduled daily scan is now always run on time

New in AVG Antivirus Free 17.8.3034 Beta (October 27th, 2017)

  • New Features:
  • We are going to drop the ZEN model (application and related services) and the implementation is splitted to two release versions (17.8 and 17.9). Now there is the first part done for BETA testing.
  • Subscriptions are now handled directly in the AVG, not in the ZEN. You can find details related to it directly in AVG -> About -> Subscription.
  • Installation of other AVG applications are now possible via My AVG button situated in the main AVG User Interface just next to the "Menu" item.
  • Enhanced reporting of Behavioral Shield error states and restart request during malware removal (if required)
  • Fixed Bugs:
  • Fixed BSOD on x64 systems caused by Sandbox driver
  • Fixed crashing User Interface when Sign-In in is used
  • Fixed resetting Game Mode rules to default (all ON) after service (computer) restart
  • Fixed Avast service exceptions creating dumps of it (without service crash)
  • Fixed issue with Gmail signature (007 error) that was breaking outgoing emails
  • Fixed Firewall new network toaster to set the correct profile
  • Fixed several issues in passive mode (e.g. Avast in passive mode when no other Antivirus solution is installed, Avast in passive mode when another Antivirus client is installed as second etc.)

New in AVG Antivirus Free 17.8.3033 Beta (October 13th, 2017)

  • What's new:
  • We did not finished any new feature in adequate BETA quality
  • Known issues:
  • When a license/subscription is about to expire, empty dialog may be shown
  • Passive mode does not behave correctly in some cases

New in AVG Antivirus Free 17.7.3032 (October 4th, 2017)

  • New Webcam Protection ends webcam spying for good by blocking malware and untrusted apps from hijacking your webcam to spy on you
  • Easier settings: Main-screen icons are now clickable
  • Improved low level optimizations for AMD Ryzen CPUs for better performance
  • High-Level Messaging:
  • Functional Header - Comprehensive protection for unlimited personal devices
  • Emotional Header - Our absolute best protection for all your devices
  • Three main benefits:
  • Maximum protection - Stop malware, block dangerous downloads, avoid fake websites, & secure personal files with advanced ransomware protection
  • Maximum privacy - Prevent voyeurs from hijacking your webcam, hide private photos and files from snoops, and securely shred sensitive data
  • Unlimited family protection - Protects unlimited family PCs, tablets, & smartphones
  • Extended benefits:
  • Secure your PC - With real-time protection and advanced machine learning, we keep your computer free of viruses, spyware, ransomware, rootkits, Trojans, and other nasty malware. Our Enhanced Firewall also keeps hackers off your PC.
  • Surf and email faster - We block unsafe links, downloads, spam, and email attachments so you can enjoy your online life without worries. We even help you avoid fake copycat websites so you don’t unintentionally give thieves your passwords, credit card numbers, or other personal info.
  • Get advanced ransomware protection - Wall off your personal photos, documents, and files from malicious encryption, and have total control over which apps can change or delete your files.
  • Stop webcam spying - Keep voyeurs out of your home — and children’s bedrooms — by allowing only trusted apps to use your webcam and being warned when anything suspicious tries to access your camera.
  • Stay up-to-date - Security updates and new features are pushed to you automatically, so you never need to manually update your AVG software to stay protected from the latest threats.
  • Protect the whole family - Easily protect your whole family, no matter how many devices anyone has or what kind they are. Better still, you can do all this from a single dashboard, from anywhere in the world.

New in AVG Antivirus Free 17.7.3031 Beta (September 28th, 2017)

  • What's new:
  • Changes in UI, tiles or dashboard are now clickable and it's easier to control real-time protection and to use advanced features
  • Improved low level optimizations for AMD Ryzen CPUs
  • New Webcam shield that checks which apps are trying to turn on your webcam
  • 3 modes:
  • Smart mode (default) - we allow trusted apps and ask to grant access for unknown apps
  • Strict mode - we always ask user if the app should access webcam or not
  • No mercy mode - we always block the access to webcam so your webcam can't be turned on

New in AVG Antivirus Free 17.3.3011 Beta (March 31st, 2017)

  • Hotfixes of a few non-fatal crashes (non-necessary dumps created in the log folder)

New in AVG Antivirus Free 17.2.3419.0 Beta (February 27th, 2017)

  • Firewall advanced settings

New in AVG Antivirus Free 17.1.3006 (January 12th, 2017)

  • New interface makes it easier than ever to monitor all your layers of protection
  • “Scan Computer” now quickly scans for malware, unwanted toolbars and browser extensions, and PC performance problems in a single click
  • New “Deep Scan” option lets you specifically target hidden threats with a longer, more intensive scan of your entire computer
  • Improved identification of never-before-seen threats by sending potential malware to our servers for deeper analysis
  • Now blocks unsafe downloads before they reach your PC (previously a paid feature)
  • Now security updates are automatically pushed to your PC in real-time (previously a paid feature)

New in AVG Antivirus Free 9.0 Build 790a2730 (March 10th, 2010)

  • Fixes & Improvements:
  • Core: Script emulator crash fix.
  • Core: Vbscript emulator crash fix.

New in AVG Antivirus Free 9.0 Build 787a2721 (March 10th, 2010)

  • Fixes & Improvements
  • AntiRootkit: Fixed possible BSOD during AntiRootkit scan.
  • AntiRootkit: New process enumeration added for hidden process scan.
  • AntiSpam: AntiSpam configuration changed to enhance the detection.
  • AvgSys: Optimization of temporary files stay in filesystem in case of process crash.
  • AvgSys: Preventing of NTFS cache server crash.
  • Core: Improved update process of scanning engine for less count of necessary computer restarts.
  • Core: Improved scanning stability on incomplete files.
  • Core: Improved NTFS cache sever functionality for better scanning speed.
  • Core: Speed optimization in polymorphic malware detection.
  • Core: Speed improvement in static heuristics.
  • Core: Added new option to pause caching.
  • Core: Fixed possible crash in cache server.
  • Core: Enhanced scanning of inf files.
  • Core: Improved detection of Swizzor malware family.
  • Core: New polymorphic malware detection method has been added.
  • Core: Less dangerous category of potentially unwanted programs (PUP2) supported.
  • Core: Increased robustness on files with incorrect header.
  • Core: Fixed disconnecting external hard disks with enabled cache.
  • Firewall: Fixed incorrect reporting of network upload progress and upload fails.
  • Firewall: Possible AvgTdi?.sys BSOD during heavy traffic load has been fixed.
  • Firewall: Fixed possible BSOD on Windows 7.
  • Firewall: Fixed leak preventing proper shutdown of network adapters.
  • Firewall: Fixed issue with application being blocked regardless of specified rule.
  • Firewall: Fixed connection problems when downloading big files.
  • Firewall: The method of mandatory items setting in Firewall has been changed.
  • Kernel: By default, scanning of some archive types was switched off in the Whole computer scan, Removable device scan, and scheduled scans.
  • Remote Administration: A client is able to delete self-created Firewall profiles before synchronization with Admin Server.
  • Resident Shield: Enhanced scanning of files mentioned in 'autorun.inf' files.
  • Safe Search: Flyover and/or colored cursor indicators will be added for links appearing in email for Gmail.
  • Safe Search: Added Search Shield support for Firefox 3.6.
  • Safe Search: Discontinued Search Shield support for Firefox 2.*.
  • Safe Search: Fixed issue where additional Google searches after the first are not showing verdict icons.
  • Safe Search: VeriSign seals supported in Search-Shield.
  • Setup: /NORESTART parameter used within the unistallation process prevents the PC from being restarted.
  • Setup: During setup, PC Tools Antivirus is now detected as a conflicting application.
  • Setup: Activation of Windows Firewall can be suppressed by setup parameter.
  • Setup: Added new sales number explanation dialog.
  • Setup: AVG 8 processes are removed from Windows Firewall exception list during AVG 8 to AVG 9 upgrade.
  • System Tools: Fixed problem with crash caused by uncaught exception.
  • Toolbar: New version of AVG Toolbar implemented.
  • User Interface: Fixed shell extension context menu to retain new visual styles in Windows Vista and newer systems.
  • User Interface: Added possibility to change scan priority from system tray context menu.
  • User Interface: New allowed action called "IDP allowed list access" added into advanced settings.
  • User Interface: Mandatory items cannot be changed via the Default button.
  • User Interface: Added new scan settings "Report enhanced set of Potentially Unwanted Programs".
  • User Interface: Improved progress bar depiction in some update process dialogs.
  • User Interface: New license information bar added to component overview to inform about license type/expiration.
  • User Interface: Fixed issue with non-responding system tray icon during scan run.
  • User Interface: GUI minor fixes.

New in AVG Antivirus Free 9.0 Build 730a1834 (March 4th, 2010)

  • Core: Core: Improved polymorphic malware detection methods.
  • Firewall: Optimization of CPU use by Firewall Service.
  • Setup: Windows Firewall activation can be suppressed by setup parameters.

New in AVG Antivirus Free 9.0 Build 716a1803 (December 21st, 2009)

  • Anti-Spam: Changed Anti-Spam configuration for detection enhancement.
  • Anti-Spam: Fixed problem with Anti-Spam rules update.
  • AvgSys: Fixed problem with removing of registry infection on x64 Windows systems.
  • Core: Detection of the next modification of Virut has been added.
  • Core: Detection of new modification of SWIZZOR has been added.
  • Core: Fixed problem with reporting broken digital signature on correctly signed files.
  • Core: Fixed possible crash while verifying digital signatures on big files.
  • Core: Fixed occasional false alarms on JavaScript files.
  • EMS Exchange: Fixed handling of detections in MS Exchange 2007 plug-ins.
  • Firewall: Improved AVG Firewall standalone profile configuration import from version 8.5 to AVG 9.0.
  • Firewall: Fixed problem with Firewall reporting a driver communication error when rules for detached USB drives were used.
  • Firewall: Fixed problem with Firewall error state after TrustedDB update.
  • Kernel: Cookie detection has been disabled by default in computer scan.
  • Safe Search: SearchShield support for Firefox 3.6.
  • Safe Search: Fixed possible crash of IE8 caused by Safe Search component.
  • Safe Search: Improve notification to user when a suspected phishing site is detected.
  • User Interface: Fixed freezing in License component when Shift+Tab is used.
  • User Interface: Fixed problem with repeated opening of popup dialogs if content is missing.
  • User Interface: Improved detection of fullscreen applications and gaming mode while displaying pop-up messages to prevent focus loss.

New in AVG Antivirus Free 9.0 Build 704a1756 (November 9th, 2009)

  • Core: Detection of the next modification of Virut has been added.
  • Core: Fixed possible false alarm caused by improper parsing of html files.
  • Core: Fixed report of broken digital signature on correctly signed files.
  • Firewall: Improved AVG Firewall configuration import from version 8.5 to AVG 9.0.
  • Firewall: Fixed problem with possible connection hang-ups.
  • Firewall: Filtering details in AVG Firewall configuration has human readable names.
  • Outlook: Fixed possible crash after clicking on a button in the AntiSpam toolbar.
  • Safe Search: Improved blocking of certain types of known malicious web sites.
  • Safe Search: Added support for Japanese version of Yahoo!
  • Settings Manager: Fixed problem with possible freeze of Settings manager.
  • Settings Manager: Fixed problem with downloading installation package through proxy.
  • Settings Manager: Fixed problem with parsing cmd line with space characters in Settings manager cmd utility.
  • Settings Manager: Added option of saving Resident Shield settings when editing *.pck file even when RS is not active.
  • Update: Fixed problem with proxy detection from Opera 10 browser.

New in AVG Antivirus Free 7.5.524 Build 1293 (April 18th, 2008)

  • Improvements :
  • Small improvements in installation process.
  • Improvements in Resident Shield scanning.
  • Fixed Bugs :
  • Fixed problem with missing help in Rescue Disk Wizard (Windows 98 and ME only).
  • Fixed problem with displaying Resident Shield notification windows in some cases.
  • Fixed wrong saving of proxy_host value in advanced AntiSpam settings.
  • Fixed problem with default Resident Shield extension list settings after installation.
  • Fixed problem with cleaning files with read-only attribute.

New in AVG Antivirus Free 7.5.503a1205 (November 19th, 2007)

  • New option, to shutdown computer automatically after scan has finished, is now available - accessible from the Test Center application window (during running scan)
  • Some improvements in Japanese localization
  • Improvements in nonstandard RT-protected files scanning
  • Small changes in GUI
  • Modifications in English help
  • Improvements in update process
  • Improved detection of some viruses
  • Personal Email Scanner may be disabled correctly under UAC on Windows Vista
  • Fixed problem with some windows displaying on Windows Vista
  • Fixed bug caused sporadic AVG Control Center crashes