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NosTale Client icon This is a fun MMORPG game that takes you on a fantastic journey to Eastmile

Whenever you are talking to your gaming buddies about Anime MMORPGs, "cute" is probably one word that will pop up very often.

However, there are some titles out there that take this feature and dial it up to 100, and NosTale is one such game.

Cute characters

The chibi art-style is one of the selling points of this game, and the characters look amazingly huggable and cute, regardless if they want to pass as fierce warriors or spellbinding wizards.

Speaking of which, the game offers you quite a large selection of classes to choose from, starting from the three character archetypes you've met in ALL MMORPGs, and then evolving into a variety of other sub-classes, each with their play-style.

Casual play is here to stay

As you've probably figured out, the game doesn't take itself seriously at all, and it shouldn't since even boss monsters look like huggable fuzz-nuggets that you almost feel bad about killing for loot, even if you know they will eventually respawn later.

The towns are cute and abundant of players, and sitting there doing nothing is a delight in itself since you'll feel like in kindergarten class all over again.

Shiny loot, epic pets

No self-respecting anime MMO would feel complete without over-the-top clothing and accessories (we do love our wings), or pets that accompany us (giant teddy bears that act as tanks and hug pillows).

The best part is that all that flash and glamour has next-to-no influence on your PC's performance since the game already has a few years behind it and can be easily handled by even an average PC.

Escape into a world of killing vicious flower bulbs

If you've ever watched an anime with cutesy graphics where the heroes just fool around making friends instead of joining gritty love triangles and grim story arcs, then you will love the feel that NosTale will give you.

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NosTale Client was reviewed by Teodor Nechita
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NosTale Client 13th December 2018

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