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The Endless Express icon Explore a colorful world and use a train system to find your way home in this engaging adventure game

Some landscapes are beautiful enough not to require a background story to help you understand them, which is the case with a lot of video games out there. However, it’s not all about beauty, since you can awake a wide palette of emotions in players using the right blend of elements. Hence, it’s all about getting the right mixture of colors, music and level design, and that can make a difference between a bestseller and a flop.

Explore a colorful world and unravel its mysteries

The Endless Express is a unique adventure game played from a first-person perspective, in which the goal is to explore the world and find your way home. The visual style is striking, and so is the world design, which means that you can really get into the groove after a few minutes of game time. On the other hand, it may not sit well with everyone, especially less patient gamers.

To begin with, the story puts you in the role of a character who wakes up in a train with no memory of how he got there or where he is. There’s something wrong with the world you wake up in, and it’s not just the colors. As such, you have to meet various characters and make some friends, because you’ll need them in order to get back home in one piece and in due time.

Pleasant graphic design and nice soundtrack

The most annoying thing about the game is that it may be a tad confusing at first, especially when it comes to the train schedule. These schedules are posted around the stations, but you need to learn how to read them and use your wrist watch to understand when you can board the right one. Hence, it might take you a while to get comfortable with the system, which requires yet more patience.

Thankfully, the colorful graphics make the experience easier to handle, and the world is inviting enough not to be boring, despite the long waits you’ll have to endure. Unfortunately, there are only small patches of land you can explore, which greatly hinders your freedom. Even so, you can still have a great time as long as you remember that this is an indie production.

A lot of potential waiting to be unearthed

In the end, The Endless Express has the capability to evolve into something a lot better, but it needs more work and dedication. Until then, the game is nothing more than a short adventure that can calm you down and offer your eyes something nice to settle on.

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The Endless Express was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
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