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Ancient Warfare 3 Demo icon Organize battles down to the tiniest detail in this sandbox game with blocky graphics

Simulators are designed to provide players with a realistic approach to various subjects, including driving, flying, or combat. Although video games are usually designed to play very loose with the laws of physics, sometimes there’s more fun in realism, depending on the scenario. However, it’s not easy to create realistic games when it comes to certain genres.

Create battle scenarios and participate in them

Ancient Warfare 3 is the third installment in the popular sandbox series that allows players to simulate battles and control every aspect of them. This latest episode brings even more features that allow you to customize the scenarios, as well as more types of weapons and maps. To make things even more interesting,  you can participate in the battles yourself.

You begin every round by customizing the number of battle participants and their equipment. Whether you want to see stone age people fighting each other with axes and swords or witness futuristic battles with lasers and missiles, every option is included in the package. You can also choose how many people to be involved, as well as customize their equipment.

Join the battles or spectate them in silence

Speaking of which, you are free to jump into the battles yourself and turn the tides with a solid strategy, and you can choose what kind of armor and weapons to use. The maps are not particularly impressive, given the fact that the graphics are fairly simple, but there’s an upside: map creation. Hence, you can customize every aspect of the maps and create the desired scenarios.

As mentioned earlier, the graphics are far from impressive, but they do not need to be in this case. The blocky characters are pretty silly sometimes, but the nice post-processing effects make up for this most of the time. In addition, simple graphics are preferable in such cases, because more intricate models would slow down the simulation without proper optimization.

Another great episode in a fascinating series

All things considered, Ancient Warfare 3 has all the makings of a great game, especially if you like to customize every aspect of your experience. Hence, all the options at your disposal should make it easy to get many hours of enjoyment out of the game.

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Ancient Warfare 3 Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
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Ancient Warfare 3 Demo Update 1

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