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Star Conflict Client icon A fast paced MMO space adventure game that puts you behind the controls of interceptors, fighters and frigates

MMO games enable players from all over the world to compete online. The beauty of it all is the fact these games combine a variety of aspects to keep you entertained. From virtual economics to fully scaled battles, you can easily spend hours and hours of quality gaming. Star Conflict is a fast-paced, third-person shooter that put you at the helm of a starship.

Survive the deep space and its perils

Star Conflict is set in the distant future after colony ships have left Earth. Humanity is divided into three factions: Empire, Federation and Jericho. Each of these factions is split into two more sides, so you have a total of six groups at your disposal.  The storyline is well put together and there is a sufficient amount of content to keep your interest.

There are three basic modes: PvP (in which players can battle other pilots), PvE (missions in which a team of players can complete tasks and fight A.I.-controlled ships) and Open World (where players can do whatever they wish). The game caters all tastes. It offers enough freedom to keep you glued to your monitor.

Battle for supremacy while you accumulate wealth and technology

The gameplay is straightforward: you control a spaceship and engage other players in third-person skirmishes. The controls are very responsive and you can compete with all levels of players. The PvP battles are designed to be equally ranked and you will take damage from collisions. There are a lot of things to take into consideration to become an expert at this game.

The graphics are wonderful. The ships are very well detailed and the places you visit are truly eye candy. Unfortunately, the game features only stations and deep space areas. It does not provide battles close to planet surfaces or inside their atmospheres. Giant space stations are available, allowing you to dock and visit them. Another drawback is that you cannot view from the cockpit of the ship. It is limited to the third-person view.

A game with real potential on the MMO market

Star Conflict is a free-to-play MMO, but players can invest money to accelerate their progress. There are a lot of customizing options: you can buy various ships or you can build them from scratch; you can upgrade your equipment and create custom builds for specialized warfare. You can hone your skills and compete with well-equipped opponents. The possibilities are there to be exploited.

As a conclusion, this game is going to appeal to a lot of players. It offers beautiful graphics and a straightforward gameplay. The freedom of the open world is tempting and the different modes will keep you entertained.

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Star Conflict Client was reviewed by Alexandru Sasu
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Star Conflict Client 1.5.7b

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