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Star Trek Timelines Online Client icon Choose your crew carefully and explore the universe in this free-to-play strategy game

Few sci-fi series are as popular as Strek Trek, especially you consider the fact that it’s been around for many decades at this point. Even if the sci-fi elements are not particularly realistic, some concepts have made it into the real world over the years, such as touchscreens and various other computer-related technologies that looked like magic at the time.

Choose your crew and complete missions around the universe

Star Trek Timelines is a strategy game in which you get to be a part of the Star Trek universe and use your crew to tackle dangerous missions and deal with a variety of evil factions. You can collect new crew members and improve their abilities over the course of the game, although you also have to deal with a few F2P-related annoyance, not to mention the in-app purchases.

The whole adventure starts with a pretty annoying tutorial, mainly because it really takes over the gameplay and forces you to click on stuff for a few minutes. After that, you are free to choose missions and fly all over the galaxy in search of loot and dangerous situations. Naturally, it’s important to choose the right crew for the job, and all the beloved characters from the TV series are present.

Defeat enemy ships in combat

Although the combat is in 3D, it must be mentioned that you are not really free to move as you wish, since all you can do is wait for the fight to unravel on its own while clicking on certain characters to use their special abilities. This can be a bit anticlimactic sometimes, especially since your input is optional at best most of the time, so the action feels irrelevant.

As far as the graphics are concerned, you have to remember that this is a mobile port, which means that everything is kept fairly simple. The interface is also designed to work best on a touchscreen, although a mouse works just as fine most of the time. The in-app purchases are not very intrusive either, so you are not in any way forced to buy things unless you want to advance faster.

A nice strategy game to occupy your spare time with

In the end, Star Trek Timelines is definitely not bursting with new ideas, but it has enough interesting mechanics to keep you engaged for a while. Furthermore, it’s nice to unlock new character and tackle interesting missions along the way.

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Star Trek Timelines Online Client was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
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Star Trek Timelines Online Client 4.0.2

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