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Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena icon Put your tactics to the test in the arena against all sorts of monsters in this turn-based strategy game

Not all strategies games require dozens of hours of practice in order to get the hang of things, especially nowadays when the casual player base is bigger than ever. However, simpler gameplay does not equal less fun, and it doesn’t always mean that you are unable to use more complex strategies in basic games. Hence, it’s all about the freedom to approach combat in the desired manner, regardless of your experience with the genre.

Hex grid battlefields and turn-based combat

Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is a neat indie title that allows players to create an army of monsters and use it to defeat the AI or other players in the multiplayer mode. The turn-based gameplay style might not scream “casual” at first, but the mechanics are simple enough for everyone to grasp, especially since there’s a lengthy tutorial to get you familiar with every button and option.

The combat takes place in turns, with each unit getting a chance to move, attack or cast a special ability. Your goal is to fight for a good position on the map, while also trying to strike the enemies as hard as you can. On the other hand, you shouldn’t expect an awful lot either, given the fact that your tactical options are limited by the simple units and their lack of versatility.

Position your troops and upgrade their skills

Although they don’t have detailed stats or things like that, every unit can advance in level as you win battles. Their abilities become stronger as you upgrade them, and they also receive more health and damage, which allows you to tackle stronger enemies. Whenever you are tired of single player encounters with the AI, you can switch over to multiplayer and play with other people, which should put your tactics to the test.

There are other features that make Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena worth getting into, such as the ability to create clans and the survival mode, so you can get many hours out of the game. In terms of graphics, the low system requirements are a godsend for those with slower computers, so the player base should be substantial for at least a while.

A great way to get into strategy games

All in all, Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena does not offer anything to the veterans of the genre, but it’s a great platform for beginners to learn the trade. Hence, even if the battles are very simple and unit management is almost not required, you can certainly move on to harder titles after this.

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Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
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