Coloring Pixels Changelog

What's new in Coloring Pixels 1.9.2

January 14th, 2019
  • New Features:
  • Clicking and dragging the mouse to color in is now much more responsive (the game polls the mouse 20x more often). As some of you have worked out, the game checks the mouse position once a frame to check if you are coloring in a pixel. Because of this, some users play the game with Vsync turned off to get the maximum frame rate and the best sensitivity from the mouse input. You can now run the game with Vsync on (60fps) and the mouse will poll 1200 times a second.
  • Added support for Patterns Pack.
  • Bug Fixes and Misc:
  • Made some bug fixes to the archiving script. In some cases, some files would be newer than that found in the archive and would be overwritten on launch, the newest file will now take priority.

New in Coloring Pixels 1.8.3 (December 13th, 2018)

  • Patch Notes:
  • It’s been a few weeks since our last update but it will be worth the wait (we promise). There are lots of new features that you have been asking for that are coming in V1.9. To top it off, we are happy to announce the Winter Holiday’s DLC coming just in time for Christmas.
  • New Features:
  • New Setting (default off) - High Contrast - Some of you were having trouble reading numbers attached to dark numbers. High contrast changes two parts of the game, both of which help improve visibility. Firstly, the selected color in the palette will have a white background. Secondly, all incorrectly colored pixels will stay white as if brand new.
  • New Setting (default off) - Hide Completed Books - When enabled, books that are 100% complete are hidden in the main menu.
  • New Setting - Fonts: Open Dyslexic & Tahoma - Two new fonts added for those who dislike the default pixelated font. We will work to improve this feature in the future and are welcome to feedback and suggestions. (Currently doesn’t affect the main menu)
  • Support for the Winter Holiday’s DLC.
  • Bug Fixes and Misc:
  • Steam Cloud Sync Optimisation - Those of you who are near to completing the game will notice that Steam will lock up (sometimes for several minutes) while Steam syncs your save data with the cloud. Coloring Pixels uses a lot of save files, which takes Steam a while to upload each time it syncs. To optimise this, the game now produces a single .zip file that is used for the sync.
  • Corrected a typo with a level in the Space Pack (Vomet Comet -> Vomit Comet), the associated achievement has also been fixed.
  • Multiple adjustments to the settings menu:
  • New layout - This helps to define which part of the game a setting will effect.
  • Pixel visualiser - Added new section that demonstrates how changing a setting will affect the appearance of pixels in game.
  • Adjusted the scroll bar to behave in the same way to other scroll bars in the game.
  • No Trading Cards:
  • Unfortunately, Steam has informed us that Coloring Pixels won’t be eligible for Trading Cards. This is because a free to play game must have in app purchases to qualify for trading cards. Although Coloring Pixels has several DLCs that you can purchase, Steam do not see these as in app purchases. We are a bit disappointed with this outcome as I’m sure some of you will be, but we feel the game is better this way with DLC’s rather than having in-app purchases.
  • Winter Holidays DLC:
  • Announcing Coloring Pixel’s next DLC! The Winter Holidays Pack includes 20 new Winter and seasonal holiday inspired images. It launches on 21st December at 13:00 PST/20:00 GMT and will be available for $1, £0.79, or your regional equivalent.

New in Coloring Pixels 1.8.3 (November 27th, 2018)

  • All Steam Achievements can now pop from the main menu.
  • Added support for additional Achievements.

New in Coloring Pixels 1.8.2 (November 21st, 2018)

  • Added the "100k" image to the bonus book.

New in Coloring Pixels 1.8.1 (November 15th, 2018)

  • Fixed a bug where 00 doesn't highlight the eraser.
  • Fixed a bug where the color palette doesn't jump to the correct location when changing colors. (When the new "remove completed colors" button is disabled)
  • Fixed a bug where you can't select the eraser when color locking is enabled.
  • Fixed a typo with the new Emoji DLC.
  • Fixed a bug where some Mac users could access all the DLCs for free.

New in Coloring Pixels 1.8 (November 8th, 2018)

  • Added Emoji DLC support.
  • Added Palette Hiding Feature.

New in Coloring Pixels 1.7 (November 2nd, 2018)

  • Discord Support:
  • A few of you emailed us asking we have a Discord server for Coloring Pixels (we don’t) but that got us thinking. If there are quite a few of you that use Discord regularly why not support it?
  • Because of our “why not” thought process, we have added Discord Rich Presence support. Now you and your friends can see extra information about what you are doing in game. When you are playing Coloring Pixels with Discord open it will usually saying something like “Playing Coloring Pixels for 2 hours” on your profile. Now it will show you lots of in-game information:
  • When on the main menu it will say that you are in the main menu and which book you are browsing.
  • When playing the game it will show:
  • The book you are completing.
  • Which number image out of how many (4 of 20) for example.
  • The time spent on that image this session. Returning to the main menu will reset the timer.
  • The DLC logo instead of the Coloring Pixels logo if you are completing a DLC book.
  • The percent completion of the image. This is a number in the bottom right of the logo and shows a tick when done.
  • The name of the image and artist (when hovering over the completion).
  • A Free Book For All!:
  • Congratulations once again to the winners of our Pixel Art completion. As promised, we have encoded and compiled the 20 winners into a book of levels that will be free to play for everyone. The “Community” book will be available this update.
  • Patch Notes:
  • New Features:
  • Discord Rich Presence Support.
  • Added Community book using the winners from our pixel art competition.
  • Added a key to select the eraser. The default is set to backspace but can be changed in the Unity launcher.
  • The eraser now indicates when it is selected.
  • Bug Fixes and Misc:
  • Altered the settings button in the main menu to be larger.
  • Removed the “your art” button from the main menu.
  • Altered the Farm button to have the text centralised.

New in Coloring Pixels 1.6.1 (October 23rd, 2018)

  • Just a small update today:
  • Added Halloween Pack DLC Support.
  • Fixed an issue where Mac save files were being stored incorrectly.

New in Coloring Pixels 1.6 (October 23rd, 2018)

  • The aim of this update was to address the much needed improvements to the hints system we added in V1.5 a few weeks ago. We have taken your feedback and made many changes to when the hints are displayed, their visibility, and animation. The end result is something we are much happier with.
  • Another addition in this update is a system we are calling seasonal effects. This adds a few visual changes to the game that are only available at certain times of year. We currently have two effects that are active during the months of October (fiery Halloween theme), and December (snow theme). During these months, the in-game background colors will change and particle affects will be created on screen.
  • Patch Notes
  • Hint Changes
  • Hints now show for the last 10 pixels of an image (instead of 5).
  • Hints now ping every 2 seconds (instead of 3).
  • New rolling hint animation.
  • The hint’s now have a minimum size on screen. This makes it easier to see when zoomed out.
  • New hint sprite. The new sprite is surrounded with a white outline to make it visible in dark areas.
  • New sprite mode that shows the last 5 pixels of the selected color.
  • The hint setting is now a slider instead of a toggle button. this is to accommodate the additional hint mode.
  • Seasonal Effects
  • New setting to toggle seasonal effects on and off.
  • New effect that is active during October.
  • New effect that is active during December.