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Nitrux icon A beautiful and easy-to-use Linux OS for fans of the KDE Plasma desktop environment.

Nitrux is an open-source and freely distributed computer operating system based on the Linux kernel, the KDE Plasma 5 desktop environment, all the latest Qt technologies, as well as the Nomad Desktop, which is based on KDE Plasma.

Nitrux is suitable for laptop and desktop computer users alike, supports only 64-bit systems, and it's easy to use by anyone for anything they would do with any other computer operating system like Windows or Mac, just without any viruses.

Boot options and supported architectures

When booting the live ISO image for the first time, the user is promoted by the bootloader, which lets you boot the operating system in live mode without installing anything on the computer. Two other live modes are available as well, safe graphics mode and debug mode, which are mostly oriented towards developers.

Nitrux is a modern OS, which means that it's supported only on modern 64-bit (AMD64/x64) machines. Also, Nitrux should work fine on UEFI (EFI) systems. Unfortunately, there's no support for old computers, those 32-bit systems that many are trying to revive with Linux, so you'll have to look elsewhere.

Beautiful and clean KDE Plasma desktop with all the apps you need

The Nitrux UI is beautiful from the first moment you run the ISO image in live mode. And it's not just the choice of wallpaper, but every single thing on the desktop, including the font, the icons, as well as how various elements are placed, such as the top panel with the applications menu and system tray area, and the bottom dock (Latte).

Besides the usual KDE apps you would expect from a KDE-oriented distribution, Nitrux features various popular software like the LibreOffice office suite, Chromium web browser, and VLC media player. It's not much, but it is everything you need to get started with using Nitrux as your main OS.

Based on Ubuntu, a good choice for home users

Nitrux is based on Ubuntu, which means that it uses its software repositories. While the latest release that we reviewed uses the repos from Ubuntu 18.10 (Cosmic Cuttlefish), we can also see a couple of repositories from the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) release for graphics drivers, as well as Nitrux's own repos.

By using the repos from the latest Ubuntu release, Nitrux provides users with some of the most recent GNU/Linux technologies and Open Source software. We recommend Nitrux for all home users who want a clean and beautiful Ubuntu-based OS for their personal computers.

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Nitrux was reviewed by Marius Nestor
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Nitrux 1.0.16

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