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TurnKey GitLab Live CD icon An Open Source Mibew Live CD Linux distro that is easy to use and based on Debian GNU/Linux

TurnKey GitLab Live CD is a free distribution of Linux that allows users to deploy dedicated GitLab servers with minimum effort and without paying for expensive products, as it is based on the open source Debian GNU/Linux operating system.

GitLab is an open source web-based software that lets anyone to store and manage projects online, on their own server. It features powerful Git functionality, similar to GitHub. The appliance comes with all of the upstream GitLab configurations, which are pre-configured to use MySQL.

In addition, it includes RubyGems, Gitolite, as well as various other required packages. The GitLab admin password and email address, as well as the domain to serve GitLab  can be easily configuring during the first boot configuration process, which takes place right after the installation.

The appliance also features a pre-configured nginx web server to proxy to unicorn daemon, a Postfix MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) for sending emails to users, as well as out-of-the-box support for SSL connections.

It is distributed as two Live CD ISO images, which support both 32-bit and 64-bit hardware platforms, as well as ready-to-use virtual machine images for the OpenStack, OpenVZ, OVF, Xen and OpenNode virtualization technologies, supporting only the 64-bit architecture.

While the default username for the phpMyAdmin, SSH, Webmin and MySQL components is root, the default GitLab username is admin. As mentioned, users can enter new passwords for the root (system administrator) account during the first boot configuration process.

Optionally, it is possible to enable the TurnKey Hub services (Backup/Migration and Domain Management/Dynamic DNS). After that, the active services and their IP addresses/ports will be displayed on the TurnKey Linux Configuration Console, from where users can reboot or shutdown the server, as well as to configure the network interfaces.

Remote administration of this TurnKey appliance is also possible, using the SSH, SFTP, Webmin and Web Shell services, so don't forget to note their IPs and ports.

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TurnKey GitLab Live CD 15.1

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