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Pro Tools HD icon The free updater for Pro Tools, an intuitive integrated audio production environment with a set of tools that enhance the audio quality and improve workflow

Pro Tools HD is a software updater designed to bring important improvements over Pro Tools, like features that boost your audio and video workflow.

Brings sound quality improvements and enlarges the number of playable tracks

One of the first improvements that Pro Tools HD brings is a larger number of usable tracks with a 3-card Pro Tools HDX system that enables you to work with 768 voiceable audio track, and with 256 voiceable audio tracks on a Pro Tools HD Native system.

Besides numbers, Pro Tools HD also improves sound quality and performance, as it helps you capture clear high quality audio with almost no latency what’s so ever.

Comes with an improved set of editing and recording tools

System performance isn’t overlooked either, as Pro Tools HD extends the disk cache and can load entire sessions into your Mac’s RAM, for a smooth and optimized recording and playback sessions.

What’s more, Pro Tools HD enables you to record solo tracks with PFL and AFL modes, and to edit your music with the help of various efficient tools namely Continuous Scrolling, Scrub Trim tool, Replace Clip command, Time Compression and Expansion Edit, Timeline Selection command, and field recorder workflows.

Enhanced video workflow and comprehensive mixing tools

Furthermore, Pro Tools HD bring video workflow improvements as well, with the potential to display 64 video tracks in the timeline and to share audio mixes with Media Composer editors through AAF.

Also, Pro Tools HD makes it easy for you to mix audio in stereo or surround modes, build your own sounds and add effects to it with the help of the app’s built-in surround panner.

Last, but not least, Pro Tools HD makes it possible for you to work with large audio mixes with the help of its built-in Satellite link, that enables you to connect to 12 Pro Tools HD systems and gain master control over them by using just one device to control all others.

Takes something good (Avid's Pro Tools) and makes it better by adding a large collection of enhancements and improvements

To sum it all up, Pro Tools HD is a competent and worth-while update pack for Pro Tools, that brings important improvements like expanding the number of usable tracks, boosting the sound quality, improving RAM performance, working with videos easier, and offering all around better mixing possibilities.

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Pro Tools HD was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan

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Pro Tools HD 11.3.1

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