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Slender icon An essential developer and designer tool for iOS, OS X and web projects that provides information on how image assets are used in your source code

Successful Mac OS X applications not only work flawlessly, but also come with stylish, intuitive, and beautiful user interfaces. Slender is a Mac utility that can help you manage the graphic elements related to a certain project, in order to help you save storage space, and identify possible issues.

Slender is designed to analyze both the source code and the image files, so you can use it to identify algorithm problems, or issues concerning the graphic elements: duplicate data or repeated file names, pictures that do not match the quality standard, and more.

Clean interface and intuitive workflow

Working with Slender is extremely straightforward: drag and drop your project on top of  the apps main window, and Slender automatically starts the scanning process. After the analysis is done, Slender opens a new window where you can see how your files are used, possible issues, and a list of unused items.

In addition, Slender provides information about the asset’s size: this is extremely useful when working on utilities for mobile devices that have a limited amount of disk space available. The best part is that you can quickly export the data to a PDF, and share it with other team members.

Generates a detailed asset’s catalog and helps you clean the project

Slender lists all the items included in your project and is able to identify the ones that are actually used via its built in Fuzzy Logic Detector. Moreover, it can alert you about duplicate images or pictures that do not match the retina standard.

For your convenience, Slender comes with powerful search and filtering tools that can help you remove the unwanted elements from the project’s resources in no time. Additionally, it can compresses the ones that are left in order to optimize the disk usage.

Powerful assets optimizing solution for software developers

Slender proposes intuitive and efficient tools for identifying the project resources that take up storage space unnecessarily, when developing new software. The app analyzes both the code and the graphic elements, so it can generate alerts for a wide range of issues.

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Slender 2.2.3

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