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iPSP icon An application that allows you to easily use the popular Sony Playstation Portable as a multimedia player.

IPSP is a tool that will also back up your PSP save game directory and create a data stamped folder, in order to easily manage your game saves.

While you can also manage your PSP device using iTunes, IPSP brings you an experience specifically tailored for the popular handheld gaming system.

On top of that, with the help of IPSP you can easily browse, delete or restore save games in a snap. IPSP works with iTunes and iPhoto in order to manage your music and images. You can easily select the playlist or album you want, and the application automatically converts and transfers it to the device.

IPSP copies your selections to the device, and automatically optimizes or converts the necessary files, without requiring any user interaction.

From the Preferences window you can choose if you want to use the 3.3 firmware or above for your device. You can also choose to backup games on application startup, or when the PSP is connected to your Mac.

The application also allows you to save encoded videos or enable or disable the use of TIFF images. One can also modify the image quality of any selected pictures and it even provides you with the means to make pictures 2x their original size for PSP zooming.

When it comes to audio, you can choose not to convert MP3 and M4A files, as well as customize the audio quality. The application also allows you to select the default encoded audio bitrate.

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iPSP 4.0.1

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