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NetworkView icon Network analysis tool that uses multiple protocols to generates a graphic depicting all the devices included in your network together with its topology

NetworkView is a scanning tool that relies on various methods to identify the physical and logical structure of your network and generate easy to analyze graphical representations. The application can also create virtual representations of wireless networks.

Visualize the logical and physical structure of your network

Regardless of the type or size of your network, NetworkView relies on various protocols (NetBIOS, SSDP, DNS, ICMP, LLDP, Bridge MIB, and more) to quickly identify all the connected devices, together with their name, IP address, MAC, or model.

On top of that, NetworkView can detect the various relations established between the devices, so you get to see details about clusters, switch stacks, port connections, wireless access points, and so on.

NetworkView helps you visualize all this information by creating maps depicting both the logical and physical infrastructure. This way you can see all the logical interconnections and the links created by router devices.

Monitor the status of your devices or establish remote connections

Even though NetworkView is intended to help you analyze the structure of your network, you can also use it to check the status of connected devices. The app also integrates a notification system that sends messages whenever unreachable devices get status updates.

Note that NetworkView can also gather information about each connected machine, such as how it connects to the wired or wireless network, the IP interfaces used, the location, and so on.

NetworkView can also help you connect to the devices remotely by relying on various protocols, such as HTTP, SSH, Telnet, or Apple RDP.

Network analysis tool that can graph both wired and wireless connections

Bottom line, NetworkView offers you the possibility to visualize the infrastructure of your network and all the established links in no time. The app relies on various scanning profiles to evaluate your network and quickly generates the graphical representations.

NetworkView allows the user to get details about each device and the associated connection method, but also enables the user to edit the properties or quickly establish remote control sessions by using various protocols.

Network analyzer Network graphic Generate graph Network Analyzer Graph Graphic

NetworkView was reviewed by Iulia Ivan on Dec 4th, 2016

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NetworkView 3.0.5

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