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SAGE icon A comprehensive cross-platform mathematics software system that puts together a wide collection of basic and complex mathematical notions.

Developed as an open source project, SAGE is a comprehensive mathematics software that uses other open source apps and the Python programming language to help you study elementary, advanced, pure, or applied mathematics.

Considering the complexity of the tools included in the app, SAGE can be successfully used both for study and research projects.

The SAGE notebook can be used from a web browser or from the command line

The SAGE installation creates a local server that enables you to access the app functionalities via a web console, or by using the command line. Take into account that the server must be started each time you are using SAGE, and you must stop it when you are done.

SAGE's user interface, regardless if you open it in a browser or in the Terminal, is considered to be a notebook, where you get to input mathematical expressions, embed graphics, plot 2D or 3D graphs, and so on.

Helps you perform mathematical calculations using basic and complex functions

SAGE provides support for basic algebra and calculus, plotting, unvariate and multivariate polynomials, linear algebra, or finite groups. At the same time, the app includes support for algebraic geometry, creating elliptic curves, Dirichlet characters, or modular forms.

Since SAGE integrates a large collection of algorithms, you can use the app as a calculator for complex functions. All in all, SAGE puts together more that 100 different open source packages that deal with different mathematical problems.

Comprehensive and open source software system that can help you study various math problems

On the whole, SAGE is a reliable and open source mathematical software suite designed as a free alternative to Mathematica, Matlab and other similar commercial products, that can be successfully employed by both advanced and beginners when studying and researching in various branches of mathematics.

Moreover, SAGE can deal with algebra, geometry, calculus, graph theory, cryptography, and much more. Also, thanks to its large assortment of built-in features and tools, SAGE can also be used as a complex calculator.

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SAGE was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan

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SAGE 8.3

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