Benchmark provides early look at Pixel Slate specs

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Google’s first Chrome OS tablet is just around the corner, and a Geekbench benchmark provides us with a closer look at what may be under the hood of the device launching on October 9.

Called Pixel Slate, the tablet will dual-boot Chrome OS and Windows 10, and according to this new discovery, it’s likely to feature no less than 16GB RAM and be powered by an Intel Core i7-8500Y chip.

By the looks of things, Google wants the device to be capable of running the most demanding tasks with little effort, and the said specs would certainly cope with the majority of processes on both Chrome OS and Windows 10.

But more importantly, in order to offer a flawless Windows 10 experience, such hardware is mandatory, especially as it’s believed that Google may position the Pixel Slate as a rival to Microsoft’s very own Surface.

A Microsoft Surface rival?

The Surface series of products was developed from the very beginning to serve as pioneers of Windows 10 features, so in order to truly be considered an alternative, the latest-generation hardware is a must-have.

A mix of an Intel i7 chip and 16GB RAM is welcome, though there’s a good chance that Google may also offer other configurations that would be available at lower prices. Part of the Amber Lake series, the 8500Y itself isn’t the top-of-the-range choice either, but it should be able to run the majority of tasks the Pixel Slate is aimed at with no performance hiccups.

Google is projected to unveil the Pixel Slate at the company’s October 9 event when the new Pixel 3 lineup of phones is also expected to see daylight. There are no specifics regarding pricing and availability just yet, but given the event takes place in a week, it shouldn’t take too long before such details make the rounds.

Via PhoneArena

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