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AppInstitute icon Build apps to promote your business or event using this intuitive online solution that does not require writing any line of code.

AppInstitute is a browser-based tool that helps anyone create mobile apps within a visual and intuitive platform thanks to its extensive number of templates and features. It does not require coding skills and supports not only restaurants, coffee shops or beauty salons owners to boost their businesses, but also people who need an app to promote a charitable event or a good cause.

Choose a relevant and powerful name for your future mobile solution to capture users’ attention from the very first moment. Then explore predefined categories to pick the most appropriate template, whether you intend to use the software to sell products and services, get bookings, reward customers’ loyalty, stream video content, provide fitness information, promote a radio station or bolster an event.

Preview the template to make sure that is the right design for you before starting the customization process. The online software also wants to know your website address to suggest a proper color scheme, but you can skip this step and apply any shade combination you prefer.

Adjust the status bar transparency, use different colors for odd rows and even rows, personalize buttons and select the font applied to all text within the mobile solution. Furthermore, you can upload personal images to customize your app’s icon, home screen, and header logo.

The next phase after saving appearance changes is to edit your application’s content and settings. Follow the tips provided by the dev team and hover the mouse over each of the prebuilt tabs to reveal its options. Remove unwanted tabs, change their names and use different icons, background colors or images.

Once selected a navigation type, your app is ready to publish, but you can still update its content at any time.

Bottom Line

AppInstitute enables users without any programming knowledge to build custom mobile applications and promote all types of businesses or social events. It provides a friendly interface, dozens of pre-designed templates and plenty of intuitive features to let anyone personalize their apps’ look, settings, and content in just a few minutes.

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