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Buckets icon A browser-based software that offers plenty of features to let anyone organize tasks, store useful information and collaborate with the team.

Buckets is a web-based app that enables you to smoothly manage projects using notes, checklists, attachments, and comments. Carefully define each stage, detail and delegate responsibilities, use color labels to indicate priorities, set deadlines and communicate with teammates.

Click the “+” symbol at the bottom left of the window to create a new project, invite colleagues to join the team and specify who becomes a full member and who can only edit, add comments or view the undertaking.

From the beginning, any project contains three different sections, called “buckets,” which aim to record tasks that team members have to accomplish in the future, work on now, or have already completed.

Start defining the duties you and your colleagues have to meet and click the “+Add new card” button to do this. Choose a relevant title for each item and then press “Enter” to include it into the list.

Moreover, the app lets you attach many other details to a card, besides its name. For instance, you can write notes to provide a step-by-step explanation of all the activities the team has to carry out during that phase or to build documentation.

Create checklists and insert responsibilities one at a time, use different color labels to indicate priority, mention assignees and set reminders. Attach necessary files and add comments, either to a task or in the specially designed area at the bottom of the card.

You may reorder cards within buckets, move from one column to another, or archive them in the end.

In addition to all this, the online software integrates a feature called “Sandbox,” where you can quickly add notes, attachments, checklists or sketches, and drag them later in the proper column or card.

Bottom Line

Buckets is a browser-based solution that aims to simplify project management. It helps users write notes to give details on their job, create task lists and assign responsibilities, set reminders, attach useful files and collaborate with team members.

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