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Dokit icon Create tutorials and wiki pages using this web-based software, design a cursive structure, describe each step and add images to complement information.

Dokit is a browser-based app that helps you write and modify content, upload files, attach images and insert videos within an easy-to-access and intuitive interface. It gives you the opportunity to build customized wiki pages, tutorials and visual documentation in multiple languages and collaborate with the team.

In the beginning, the app displays several examples, divided into different categories and grouped based on their difficulty level, to show users how to structure the explanation of a procedure or to present the necessary resources for implementing a project.

Press the blue button placed on the upper side of the window to start creating a tutorial, a wiki page or an item.

After setting the title of a tutorial, you should include a description, select its category, business, duration and difficulty level, add several tags, write an optional introduction and upload an explanatory video.

Moreover, specify the required items and provide help files if needed, detail each step using not only words, but also images, and attach notes and references.

If you decide to build a wiki page, also start by offering the primary information on its title, category and business, mention the original page if the current one is going to be a translation and indicate the language.

Then, use the box in the middle to add the desired content and deploy the options integrated into the panel above to format the text, define headings, change indentation, design lists, and insert links, tables or media elements. Likewise, the app enables users to delimitate particular sections inside the wiki page and operate them to prevent danger, give an idea or forbid an action.

Invite collaborators to work with you, discuss on each step, tutorial and page, verify changes using the version management functionality, receive email notifications and print or export the content as PDF.

Bottom Line

Dokit is an online tool for building tutorials and wiki pages, fully customizable with logos, graphics, images, and various colors. The web app enables users to create easy to follow structures, explain the necessary steps to carry out a project or a procedure, in multiple languages, insert helpful pictures and videos, discuss and collaborate with team members.

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