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EventNut icon A browser-based solution to build event websites and registration pages, promote public occasions, sell tickets, monitor results and speed up the check-in process.

EventNut is a web-based app that enables anyone to easily create event websites, sell tickets online, design registration forms, and promote future concerts, festivals, ceremonies or conferences. It also tracks page views, visits, and unique visitors, it includes a check-in feature and helps organizers to print customized badges upon participants arrival.

The online software provides two different methods of publishing events. The first option addresses users who already have a website and want to build a separate registration page where to collect data from prospective attendees, as well as to create and sell tickets.

If this is not your case, choose the second alternative and start designing the event’s website from scratch. Specify some fundamental details about the forthcoming festivity, such as name, start date, end date and description, along with the country and the city where it takes place. Furthermore, you can upload a website header image, add information about invited speakers, reveal the venue, describe the agenda if the event involves multiple sessions, mention sponsors and add social media links.

After completing this step, proceed with the tickets design. Besides title, description, price, quantity, start and stop selling dates, the app lets you set up a maximum purchase limit to prevent people from buying too many tickets.

Create a registration form to collect data from future participants and use the straightforward builder to customize the event’s website before publishing it. Once online, the app displays real-time reports about the number of page views, unique visitors and visits, sold tickets and revenue earned so far.

In addition to all these features, the software also offers a check-in tool to let organizers quickly register attendees as they arrive, along with a set of predefined badge templates that they can further personalize.

Bottom Line

EventNut helps you promote public and social occasions through dedicated websites, create tickets and sell them online, gather information about prospective participants and track results. Deploy the many features to customize pages and make them deliver the right message, use online check-in to register attendees and quickly print badges.

Included in the free version

  • Online ticket distribution: free events
  • On-site electronic check-in
  • On-site badge printing
  • VIP attendee arrival alerts
  • Custom attendee data collection
  • Instant-cash payment processing
  • Online publishing & promotion
  • Ongoing web hosting
  • Attendee email campaigns

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EventNut was reviewed by Radu Bogdan
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