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GoToMeeting icon Organize and run online meetings using this straightforward yet featureful application that lets you join the dialogue from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

GoToMeeting aims to provide a reliable solution to help you collaborate with work partners and discuss crucial business topics in real-time. The web app has a professional looking and friendly interface, lets you personalize and secure the meeting room, schedule multiple online gatherings and share the invitation link with colleagues.

In the beginning, you must customize the meeting room and select for it a relevant name, insert additional details about the company, choose a visual theme, then add the email addresses of potential co-organizers. Before saving those preferences, set up a password in case you want to make sure only the invited persons join the discussion from their computers, tablets or smartphones.

Press the “Schedule” button displayed on the right side of the dashboard to start creating an online meeting. Give it a name and mention whether it occurs once or multiple times, pick up a date using the calendar feature and edit the audio options. After indicating all the proper details, click on “Save” and copy the invitation link to share it with colleagues.

You get to see all the scheduled online conferences inside “My Meetings” page, in chronological order, and the recurring gatherings remain in that list permanently, for use at any time, with the same ID.

If necessary, install the Google Calendar or the Outlook plugin to organize meetings from those programs.

The software supports two different audio options for joining a conference to meet different needs, the first one letting attendees use their computer’s microphone and speakers. Meanwhile, the second alternative addresses people with a slow internet connection and enables them to dial in by phone.

Share your webcam and your screen to show colleagues various documents or presentations, deploy the drawing tools to direct attention on specific points, record and store discussions for further analyses.

Bottom Line

GoToMeeting is a browser-based app that you can operate to schedule and run online conferences, secure access and invite attendees via email, chat or other mediums. Use your computer’s microphone and speakers to join the conversation or dial in by phone, share your webcam and your screen, display valuable documents and record the dialogue, whether it is a single or a recurring meeting.

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