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Out of Milk icon Keep track of your shopping and task lists, separate items into various categories, and share information with close persons using this online solution.

Out of Milk is a web-based app that aims to help you get more organized and efficient with shopping, grocery and to-do lists. Monitor everything you need to buy or do in the upcoming days, create multiple categories for better systematization, add items one by one, indicate prices, specify quantities and share lists with family or friends.

The online solution displays a straightforward dashboard, divided into three major sections, to separate pantry essentials from task lists. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, anyone can fully enjoy the benefits of planning and managing their future responsibilities.

Build as many shopping lists as you want, use different names for each one of them to avoid confusions and easily navigate from one table to another in the left side panel. Next, start adding products to any of those checklists using the “New Item” button, mention their prices and indicate quantities in pieces, bottles, jars, boxes, liters, kilograms, gallons or other units of measurement. You can even classify items as small or large if you need, for example, potatoes of a certain size for an oven-baked recipe or tiny strawberries for a chocolate cake.

Create several categories to group household and cleaning products apart from fruits, vegetables, snacks, and drinks, as well as clothing apart from children’s school supplies.

In addition to all this, the software enables you to share lists with family or friends and has a “Cart” tool where to move items as you or your shopping partners purchase them.

Continue to explore the online platform and use its features to keep track of your pantry goods. Design to-do lists, write additional notes and sort items by name, date or other aspects. Moreover, you can download the mobile versions for Android and iOS devices to access your lists on-the-go.

Bottom Line

Out of Milk is a browser-based application for creating, managing and sharing various type of lists with family, friends or colleagues. Organize your shopping, add products names along with their prices and quantities, group items into different categories and check them after making the purchase. Build to-do lists and make sure you never miss an appointment again.

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