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Pleexy icon Use this online software to boost your productivity by synchronizing all the tasks planned with several web applications and monitoring them in a single spot.

Pleexy is a web-based solution that aims to transform your task manager into a place of gathering all the assignments created with various project tracking, mind mapping, collaboration, email and note-taking apps. It promises to increase your productivity by giving full insight into all the duties you need to accomplish in the next period.

The software works with two well-known task managers – Todoist and Wunderlist – channeling to them all the responsibilities scheduled inside platforms like Basecamp, Evernote, Gmail, Jira, Onenote, Outlook, Trello, and Zendesk.

After connecting the source app, you can start synchronization using the default settings or customize the options according to your needs. Configure the tasks search operation, specify the destination of the newly created duties, define title templates and indicate how it should match attributes like due date and priority.

Every connector has different synchronization options in harmony with the features provided by each point of supply. Among the rules that you can personalize is that of choosing what actions to take when changing, deleting, adding or completing a task on both sides of the association.

Before saving the preferences, click on the “Preview” button to verify if those settings are what you need.

Then explore the dashboard to view all your connections presented in the form of cards that include information about the status, the time of the last and the next sync and the number of changes processed.

The software alerts you by email if an error occurs during the integration process and gives instructions for resolving that specific problem.

Bottom Line

Pleexy synchronizes your task manager with a series of similar apps to make sure that all ideas and things-to-do stay up-to-date on both ends of the connection but does not replace them. The online solution lets you select individual projects or match all responsibilities, displays a detailed sync history and send email alerts to communicate a possible issue.

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