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PopClogs icon A browser-based app that enables you to disclose your life goals, then track them during the completion process and get inspired by others’ experiences.

PopClogs aims to help you find the motivation to do more and improve your life by achieving your goals. Whether you want to progress in career, travel more, meet new people, enhance your communication skills or get a new job, this web app empowers you to acquire the necessary inspiration to make things happen.

Right after setting up the account, the online software provides a getting started guide to display some necessary information about its features. Through these instructions, it reveals that you have two different methods for adding new goals into the bucket list. The first one requires you to stay in the dashboard, use the box integrated into the middle area to type a new objective, then press “Enter” or the “+” button.

The other option involves opening the “Explore Goals” section from the upper side menu and browsing the website to see the purposes that other users have set, grouped in various categories. Once you find an aspiration that you resonate with, hover the mouse above it and click the “Me Too!” button to include it into your list.

Return to the dashboard to view all your goals and start editing them to set up priorities, specify target dates, write notes, enter tags and mention how close you are in completing them.

The app gives you the opportunity to manually organize the agenda and move any objective higher or lower, but also to sort aims alphabetically or depending on priority, target date and percentage of completion.

Write comments on each goal to explain why you want to accomplish them, upload representative images and share the list on social networks to invite friends to join you.

Bottom Line

PopClogs is a web-based app developed for people that want to change their lives for the better and supports them to fulfill as many goals as possible for enriching their existence. Add personal objectives, explore the aims posted by other users, set priorities and target dates, sort items based on various criteria and share the list with friends.

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