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QuickBooks icon Run your business with this web app that provides a comprehensive series of tools for sending invoices, receiving payments, sorting expenses and paying debts.

QuickBooks is a browser-based app that aims to help business owners in their effort of keeping everything as organized as possible and lets them connect to bank accounts to import automatically and categorize transactions. The online software enables users to send invoices, systemize expenses, manage inventory, monitor sales, bills and taxes, track time and pay employees.

During the setup process, the app invites you to reveal the business name and how much time has passed by since the starting point of the activity. It also asks what features you want to use from the beginning, giving the opportunity to deploy additional tools at any time later.

Connect a bank account or a credit card to simplify the bookkeeping task of entering transactions by automatically importing those operations. Then review and categorize each deal manually or create rules that scan bank or credit card transactions for individual details and split items into different groups.

You can customize invoices, estimates and sales receipts with a company logo, various templates, colors, and fonts, write automated emails and accept payments by bank transfer or credit cards. Add information about the products or services you sell and create a customers list to ease the invoicing procedure.

The app also lets you sort expenses into many categories, put together all the vendors you pay for products and services, manage bills, set up automatic payments, track and pay employees.

In the end, generate professional reports to analyze the balance sheet, the profit and loss summary, the cash flow statement, invoices and received payments, incomes by customers, unpaid bills, time activities by employees and many other details.

Bottom Line

QuickBooks is an online accounting solution that addresses people with little expertise in this area and gives a complete set of robust features to help them improve the way they run the business. It automates bookkeeping tasks like entering transactions and performing calculations and lets users send and chase invoices, categorize expenses, verify inventory, track time and pay workers.

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