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Remember The Milk icon Do not skip any significant activity using this web-based app that enables you to create tasks, group them in lists or with tags and get reminders.

Remember The Milk is a browser-based app that promises to help you not forget anything ever again by organizing duties depending on their start date, due date, priority, location, repeat and other properties. Customize the appearance with over 100 themes, break undertakings into smaller responsibilities, assign them to your colleagues, friends or family, and set up notifications.

Once created the account, the software displays a brief introductory presentation and provides information about the essential features to support you get the most of all its benefits.

Take advantage of the dedicated text box placed in the middle area of the interface to add a new task, straightforwardly and quickly, and begin by typing a suitable name. Then enter, on the same line, the task’s properties using the functions that appear below, such as due date, priority, and location, indicate an estimated time needed to accomplish the duty and include it in the work or personal list.

You can choose to repeat an undertaking every day, week, month or after completion, and also to share the effort with close persons or work colleagues. Add their email addresses in the “Contacts” section of the retractable left menu to send invitations and delegate them various jobs.

Click on any task to see the details inside a panel that pops up from the right side of the window and edit the name, change the assignee, insert new fields or attach helpful notes, if necessary. This area also gives you the opportunity to divide a duty into smaller chores, easier to manage and fulfill.

The online software lets you sort tasks by name, priority, due date, and other criteria, use the search wizard to find any responsibility and edit the settings to set up email, instant messenger or SMS reminders, to make sure everything goes well.

Bottom Line

Remember The Milk is a browser-based app that wants to spare you the effort to keep in mind all the duties to accomplish in the next days, weeks or months. It enables you to organize tasks in multiple lists or with tags, specify due dates, priorities and estimated times, select the persons in charge and create reminders.

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