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Tailor Brands icon Quickly build personalized logos for your company using this web-based app, download designs and add them to your marketing materials.

Tailor Brands enables anyone to create customized logos for all types of businesses in just a few minutes. The browser-based solution provides an extensive gallery of designs, whether you want to use an abstract shape or prefer to have the organization’s name as the central element of your logo design.

After setting up the account, you can start the creative process immediately. Besides the company’s name and industry, the app recommends you to disclose a batch of additional details about your business activity to make sure it generates the most relevant designs.

Select a type from the three available alternatives by anticipating which one might have the most significant impact on the target audience. Pick a design that puts an abstract, 3D or hand-drawn shape at its central point, place the company’s name in the spotlight or capture attention to your firm’s initials.

Regardless of the chosen option, the software then displays a series of images to understand your preferences better and invites you to click those pictures that match your style the best.

Explore carefully the vast collection of logos generated after completing all these steps and select the most impressive design. Customize it further using another color palette, modify text style, increase or decrease letter spacing, adjust icon size and change layout.

In the end, save your project and download designs so you can use them in the future across various marketing materials. Add the new logo on business cards and create personalized photos for your social media posts.

Bottom Line

Tailor Brands is a web-based tool that aims to help all business categories promote their name and activity through customized logos. The app requires you to reveal a set of primary information about your company and select a type before it displays a gallery of digital compositions. Pick the design you like the most, make extra adjustments if necessary and include it in your marketing materials.

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