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Tick icon A web-based time tracking solution that enables you to run more cost-effective undertakings, set budgets, assign responsibilities and analyze insights.

Tick is a reliable online app that aims to improve work productivity. It gives all the necessary tools to help companies remain profitable and lets them create or import projects and tasks, track time against budgets and get detailed reports.

Start with a blank project, choose a meaningful name to reflect its purpose, different for each client and easy to recognize, then indicate an estimated amount of time needed to accomplish that job. Specify if the undertaking is billable or not, then add a set of tasks that team members have to carry out, along with their time budgets, and organize them by priority, deadline or other significant aspects.

Before saving the project and revealing if it recurs or not, mention the people that can enter time and enable email notifications to find out as soon as possible when the team reaches particular milestones.

The app’s developers decided to measure the necessary budget in hours and not money because employees usually do not get information about the financial value of an undertaking. They typically only have control over the allocated time. Furthermore, the online solution provides a series of tips on how to set an advantageous budget to ensure profitability.

The dev team also mentions that an undertaking of fewer than 250 hours should not include more than six tasks as this is not a project management software. Therefore, a task should contain a batch of to-dos, efficiently grouped.

Once created a project, open the “Timecard” section to log your time after completing a duty or select a responsibility in that list and let the chronometer do the time tracking job.

Run custom reports to view if all people fulfilled their tasks, see if a project is already over the planned amount of money or approaching budget, and explore archives to study previous performances.

The online software lets you not only build new projects, but also import undertakings from Basecamp, Asana, and Trello accounts.

Bottom Line

Tick is a browser-based application promising to track time against budgets and to help you keep an eye on your teammates’ productivity to make sure that they are on schedule. Create or import projects, add tasks, build time budgets and generate reports by clients or people to verify if there is any deviation from plan.

Included in the free version

  • 1 Project:
  • Unlimited people
  • Basecamp integration

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Tick was reviewed by Radu Bogdan
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