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Timeneye icon A tracking time app for both teams and self-employed people who want to monitor the progress of their working hours and analyze performance by project, task or client

Timeneye is a browser-based solution that aims to help not only companies and teams but also freelancers to track their work time and thus improve productivity. The app enables them to check the progress of all projects in real-time, see how many hours they needed to accomplish specific tasks and generate periodic reports.

While configuring the account, the online software requires you to provide some necessary information, such as your name, country, time zone, the first day of the week or weekend days and upload an avatar image. Proceed with the workspace setting, enter a name, add a logo and specify whether, in your case, the recently accessed platform intends to monitor the activity of a company, educational institution, nonprofit organization or freelancer.

Once completed these steps, the app displays several tips and directions to help you understand some of its primary features. Place the mouse pointer over the workspace logo on the left and click on “Projects” to create a new undertaking. Give it a title, choose a color, point out all its phases, indicate client, disclose budget and reveal the hourly rate, if applicable.

To register time, you need to press the “+” symbol that stays permanently at the top of the window and then decide between the two available options. Select a project and a phase, specify the date, then enter time manually and write optional notes, if you prefer to fill the worksheet at the end of the day or of the week. Otherwise, start the timer and let it track the effort accurately, pause the chronometer and resume at any time.

The app also lets you view project status, monitor team members to calculate their productivity and generate individual or group reports.

Bottom Line

Timeneye enables companies and freelancers to track all the hours they allocate to accomplish different tasks and projects. After selecting the undertaking and phase, users can choose to register time manually or automatically. As a result, the web-based software measures the progress of their work and displays data in detailed reports.

Included in the free version

  • for single user
  • unlimited projects
  • unlimited clients
  • max. one account integration

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Timeneye was reviewed by Radu Bogdan
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