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Wordcradle icon Write novels, define characters and plotlines, brainstorm new ideas, set goals and deadlines using this straightforward web-based app.

Wordcradle is a free online software that lets you write stories or whole novels, envision detailed profiles for your characters, carry out brainstorming sessions, choose the best ideas and set deadlines. It enables you to design the plotlines that would influence the primary or secondary sequence of events, divide the action into several chapters and track the individual progress of each project.

After setting up the account and reaching the dashboard, the app displays a rather crowded interface but not disturbing, with a brief menu integrated at the top of the window. The homepage shows a quotation of the week, a featured prompt, and a text through which it praises the fact that there are still enough people interested in reading long books, despite the occurrence of other lighter entertainment activities.

The software also invites users to play the word quest game and even presents a ranking on the lower half of the homepage.

To start writing your novels, open the “Projects” section and click the blue button placed on the right side. Enter a name for the new undertaking, upload a cover image, type a summary of up to 20 words, then set a goal and a deadline.

Once you begin a new project, the app also initiates a brainstorming session. Access the “Brainstorm” tab to expose the ideas around which you intend to build the story and group them into different index cards for easier tracking.

Besides all this, any story must have some figures, whether we are talking about humans, animals or fictional creatures. Use the dedicated area of the platform to define characters for each project, give them names, specify their importance, write short descriptions and biographies of up to 1000 words.

Then start creating the plotlines and read the tips provided by the software to find out how to do this if you do not have too much writing experience. Add as many chapters as you want, observe the progress to change the deadline if you expect to exceed the initial set time and download the story when finishing it.

Bottom Line

Wordcradle is a browser-based app that enables you to write stories in a straightforward interface, that provides a basic set of text formatting options, completely free of charge. Set goals and deadlines, create characters, define plotlines, capture ideas in brainstorming sessions and detail them in multiple chapters.

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